And 150 tiny polish squares later…

Long story short I was messing around with gradients on photoshop because I have no life, and I thought the colors were just so pretty!

Again, apologies for the ridiculously long polish list. A lot of these were mixed, as well. :P

What I used:
10– Moonlight and Spring Awakening
China Glaze– Shower Together and Secret Peri-Wink-Le
Claire’s– Tiger Lily and Neon Pink
Essie– Sew Psyched
Funky Fingers– Pink Flame
N.Y.C.– Polyester Pink Creme
O.P.I.– Samoan Sand
Orly– Retro Red, Old School Orange, Viridian Vinyl and Purple Pleather
Revlon– Minted
Sally Hansen– Yellow Kitty, Boca Mocha and Ruby Sequin
Sephora– Yellow Umbrella and My Favorite Jeans
Sephora by O.P.I.– Havana Dreams, Read My Palm and Caliente Coral
Sinful Colors– Innocent

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    This requires a level of patience we just may not have!
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