NAILGASM!  #practice nails

I got new polishes! Yay!

However, I’m very attached to my current mani, so I thought I’d play with the new colors on some practice nails.

This is Nubar’s Cabernet. I’m not going to lie, I bought it specifically because it looks bloody, and I don’t have a good nail polish blood. I meant to do only one blood nail, but I was having too much fun.

Then I got to all of the other colors. :) If these weren’t all massively wide nails, I would consider wearing them together, which would be ridiculous, but they’re kind of like… I don’t know, different garments from a single fashion collection. In other words, they use the same seven colors.

Anyway, I do kind of want to replicate some of these designs in an actual manicure. You know, once I’m able to part with the one I’ve got now.

What I used:
Nubar– Cabernet, Cozumel Coral, Pharaoh’s Purple, Marble Tower and Taffeta
China Glaze– Wagon Trail and Peachy Keen
a variety of dotting tools

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